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Hi there!
I'm so glad you stopped in! It's been a fun and crazy year with so many inspiring things to photograph. 
About me.... I love photography! The ability to suspend a moment in time, and capture it for an eternity... It's so powerful, so amazing, it just goes beyond words for me.  I love sunshine and flowers, sweet little babies, the sparkle in a child's eye, gorgeous sunsets, beautiful scenes in nature, the intrigue of the night sky, a tender moment shared between two people.... so many things capture my heart. There is beauty around us each day, and I hope we all remember take a moment to seek it out, slow down and just enjoy it. Life is much more fulfilling that way, although a challenge in today's fast past world.

I hope you enjoy looking through my galleries, and peeking at some of my favorite places. Feel welcome to contact me with any photographic needs you may have. If you would like to purchase an image, drop me a note to say hello, or schedule a session... please click on the "contact me" tab on the menu bar. Thanks again for stopping by! Come again soon as I am always adding something new. I look forward to spending time with you! :)
~Kristy :)

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